We build great companies.

As founders and operators of high-growth companies, we have lived through the cycles of hope, fear, need, and ultimately realized success as entrepreneurs. While our motivations may differ, entrepreneurs are ultimately driven by a desire to build and create. As entrepreneurial operators, we choose this path because we see an opportunity to improve the way companies are built and expanded.

MissionOG partners with technology-focused B2B companies that seek to accelerate growth. Our team includes world-class operators with proven skills in business and go-to-market strategies, product development, client delivery, and corporate governance. We provide both financial and human capital to our partner companies, investing in early and growth stage rounds. Where necessary, we provide significant follow-on financial capital to fuel future growth.

Our criteria for investment includes:

  • Enterprise B2B focus – a technology-based product or service, preferably with a recurring model, that benefits enterprise customers
  • Proven commercialization – established repeatable process and track record regarding the delivery of customer value
  • Deep market experience – a team with meaningful experience in the market they intend to disrupt
  • Execution bias – business model supported by customer success versus continuous financing

If your company fits the above criteria and would benefit from an active investment partner, we would like to talk to you.